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Varieties / Specifications: Ganesh, Mrudula, Aarakta, Bhagwa (Ashtagandha/Shendri)
Sizes/Grams: 225-275gms
Packaging: 10/12/15pcs/3.5kgs Nett Wt Box....

Grapes /Green/Black/Red

Varieties / Specifications: Thompson seedless, Sharad seedless, Flame seedless, Tas-a-Ganesh, Manek chaman, Sonaka
Sizes/Grams: 2cm/seedless
Packaging: 2,4.5 & 9 kg Pouch Packing in Corrugated Box 10 x 500 gms Punnet in 5 kg Corrugated Box 4,6 & 8 Kg Thermocol Box Pouch packing


Varieties / Specifications: Alphonso, Kesar, Payari, Vanraj, Rajapuri, Gulabi
Sizes/Grams: 200-300 gms
Packaging: One Dozen CFB (approx 3kg )
Sapota or Chikoo

Varieties / Specifications: Kalipatti, Cricket Ball, Murraba
Sizes/Grams: 20mm-40mm
Packaging: 3kg box

Water Melons

Varieties / Specifications: Green and white stripes
Sizes/Grams: 3-5kgs
Packaging: As required


Varieties / Specifications: Grand Naine, Cavendish
Sizes/Grams: Green, Yellow 2.gkg bunch
Packaging: 13-15kg 5 ply Telescopic Card board boxes and Fibre boxes

Oranges or Mandarin

Varieties / Specifications: Nagpur Mandarins, Kinnow
Sizes/Grams: 65-70 mm & 40-45 mm/150-175 Gms
Packaging: 65 mm grade ??? 7 Kg/40 mm grade ??? 2.5 Kg


Varieties / Specifications: Taiwan 786, 785, Solo
Sizes/Grams:Pale Green, 1-1.25 kg/Fruit
Packaging: 5-8kg boxes